Layout comparison reel for «Iron Man» october 2011 from Arnaud Vercammen


Please find here under excerpts of my work in Layout for Marvel's «Iron Man, armoured adventures»  season 2 television series.
This webpage is only intended as a professional promotion tool for Arnaud Vercammen.

All material is copyright Marvel and Escandalo films respectively.

These are 4 scenes for which I made the  Layout , amongst many others, for «Iron Man, armoured adventures.
Down below these you have a demo of the  previz  I made for  Escandalo Films  in Spain for their last feature: «EVA» that was released october 2011.

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Click opens movie :

Episode 4, scene 6

Episode 4, scene 5

Episode 5, scene 4

Episode 5, scene 36

Find ALL credits for the series season 2 here : Iron man , armoured adventures SEASON II

Previsualisation (excerpts) on the feature «EVA» 2011 by Arnaud Vercammen: